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Diabolo is not just a juggling prop. Led by Diabolo World Champion and former Cirque Du Soleil member, William Wei-Liang Lin, he has gathered the best in the field: 曹和立, 陳奕丞, 曹名君, and reserve member 許亞恩.

Combining their years of experience practicing diabolo and performing ideas, they have gathered to create a very unique style of performing diabolo!

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Steve & Jones

Steve and Jones Caveagna are brothers who are an Italian Comedy duo called, Steve & Jones. They are the 5th generation of the Caveagna family, and in addition to being diabolists, they are also beat boxers, jugglers, and musicians. Steve has played the trumpet since he was 6 years old, while Jones currently plays the trumpet AND 4 different kinds of saxophones!

At the age of 11 Steve started learning diabolo thanks to Alexander Xelo, who has since, taught him all the secrets of the art of diabolo. At the age of 21, Steve started to take diabolo seriously, got 5 beautiful Taibolos, and started practicing tricks that are not commonly performed, such as 4 diabolos high double pirouette and 4 diabolos high behind the back.
He is very close to performing 5 diabolos high on stage!
So far, they have had the pleasure of performing in 10 different countries in Europe with circus shows such as Benneweis, Scott, Fovarosi Nagycirkusz, and American Circus(Togni). Additionally, Steve and Jones were part of many important circus festivals like: Festival Internazionale Del Circo Città Di Latina, Festival International Du Cirque De Grenoble, and Festival Du Cirque De Saint Paul Lès Dax. They have also traveled all over America for 3 years with "Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus."
This winter, they will be performing for 1 month in Holland before returning to Circus Vargas!

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