CHINESE Yo-Yo, known as pull-bell in Chinese, is a juggling prop that can be traced back to the Ming dynasty (A.D. 1386-1644). The pull-bell was popular everywhere back then and has become a Chinese folk recreational activity among boys and girls, young and old. A traditional Chinese yo-yo has a long thin axle with two disc-shaped wheels, one at each end of the axle, as shown in the photo to the right. It was originally made with bamboo and emitted a humming sound when it was pulled.

DIABOLO evolved from traditional Chinese yo-yo; It is the western version of Chinese yo-yo. It has cone-shaped cups at both ends. The term "diabolo" was coined by French engineer Gustave Phillipart, who developed the modern diabolo in the early twentieth century, and derived the name from Greek dia bolo, roughly meaning 'across throw'.

Nowadays, cone-shaped cups are popular among Chinese yo-yos and  rubber or soft plastic is used for the cups to reduce collision impacts. Hence the terms "diabolo" and "Chinese yo-yo" often refer to the same thing.