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Learning to Diabolo

Basic Movements   

Fundamental Tricks      

Mid Level Tricks      

Advanced Tricks    

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Learning with MHD

Basic Movements

Diabolo/playing_diabolo.jpgGetting the Diabolo Started  起鈴 Video Tutorial    

The objective is to get the diabolo spinning while suspended from the string. 
There are several ways to get a diabolo starDiabolo/Tosses-2.jpgted. Here is one way that is easy to learn and the diabolo gains speed easily.

1. Pick up the handsticks, one in each hand. Pull the string straight and place it flat on the ground in front of you.
2. Place the diabolo at the center of the string with one of the cups facing you. If you are using a Taibolo bearing diabolo, have the cup with black hub facing you.

3. Pick up the handsticks while the diabol stays on the ground. Take your right hand and loop the string around the diabolo's axle once (using a counter-clockwise motion).  There should now be a loop of string around the axle of the diabolo.

4. Take your right hand and  pull upward.  The diabolo should now leave the ground. Pull upwards with your right hands repeatedly. Your left hand should not use any force. The motion should be strong, yet smooth and relaxed. 

5. After the diabolo has enough speed to stay stable, undo the loop that is around the axle so that the diabolo is "free."  You undo the loop by taking your right hand and moving it underneath the diabolo in a circle, clockwise around the diabolo.  Now that the diabolo is on an open string, you can perform a variety of tricks.

Tips - The cup closer to you should face your body at all times.  Left hand should not use any force. Be patient!  It takes practices to master it.

Tilt Correction  (上下)調鈴  Video Tutorial

Once you know how to get the diabolo spinning, the next step is to keep it from tilting.
If the diabolo's near cup is tilted down toward you, put your right stick forward. You can keep pulling with your stick forward to keep your speed up as you correct.
If the diabolo's near cup is tilted up toward you, put your right stick back. You can keep pulling with your stick back to keep your speed up as you correct.
Once you get the hang of doing this, you will do it without even thinking about it.

Rotational/Turning Correction   (左右)調鈴  Video Tutorial

In order to turn the diabolo right, touch the cup that is farther from you with the tip of your right handstick.
To turn the diabolo to the left, touch the cup that is closer to you with the tip of your right handstick.
While doing rotation/turn corrections, keep pulling upwards with your right hand; it is the same motion as starting the diabolo.  When the right stick gets close to the diabolo, touch the correct cup to turn the diabolo.  If one touch isnt enough, touch again.