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Chinese Yo-Yo/Diabolo




Quality Chinese yo-yo/diabolos from Taiwan.  
Used by school teachers and amateur/professional players around the globe for teaching and performance, and in competitions. 


Taibolo Light-Weight Diabolo(Fixed Axle) $23


Taibolo Light-Weight Bearing Diabolo  $30


Taibolo Super Diabolo V2 (Fixed Axle) $39


Taibolo Super Bearing Diabolo $45


Taibolo Glary Diabolo(Fixed Axle) $32


Taibolo Note Bearing Diabolo  $39


Taibolo V2.1 LED Diabolos  $49 ~ $57


Taibolo Glowing Humming Diabolo(Fixed Axle) $29
Taibolo Monobolo(Fixed Axle) $20

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What are the different models of Taibolo Diabolos?
    We carry 4 different models of Taibolo diabolos - Light-weight, Note, Glary, and Super; all have the same cup size. The cups of the 4 models are built with different materials and hence different weights, looks, and levels of durability. In general, the heavier the diabolos, the more stable they are when spinning and the longer they spin. Light-weight is lightest and also least expensive. It  is ideal for beginners.  Super is top of the line and is the heaviest though still ideal weight. It is for serious palyers. It is also recommened for adult beginners if affordability is not an issue. Glary and Note have the weight in between. They have soft and translucent cups, are popular for their beauty and ideal for mounting LED kits. The Light-weight model and the Super model have the choices of either an ordinary diabolo (i.e. a fixed axle diabolo) or a bearing axle diabolo. Glary diabols only come with fixed axles, and Note diabolos only with bearing axles.
  • Fixed axle diabolos vs bearing axle diabolos
    In comparison, the fixed axle diabolos require proper skills to master them, and once mastered, they give players greater control that are essential to be successful with most multiple-diabolo tricks. Although the learning curve is steep at the beginning, they are superb for students to build solid foundation and to excel to advanced skills. The bearing daibolos have special parts in the axle, giving them longer spinning time. They are good for performing long-sequence tricks, and are good for beginners who do not have time or interest to drill on fundamental skills.  For serious students, the fixed axle diabolos are a better choice.
  • What are the benefits of Taibolo Diabolos?
    Professionally designed, all Taibolo diabolos are well balanced and gain speed swiftly. Made with multiple diabolo play in mind, they are excellent for multiple diabolo tricks in addition to 1 diabolo play. The wide axle in conjunction with the concave hub design makes for outstanding grinds with the sticks or fingers. Additionally, it reduces string wear and tangles as well. The cups are made of durable semi-soft material - greatly reduce collision impacts than the traditional material such as hard plastics or wood.
  • Are Diabolo and Chinese Yo-Yo the same?
    Please read About Chinese Yo-Yo/Diabolo.