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Taibolo LED BOX Battery Replacement Instructions

  First, remove the LED's from the diabolo by grasping the LED's and twisting counterclockwise. Then follow the following steps to replace the batteries.

Step 1 - Peel off the tape on the sides of the LED box. Then, open the LED box by pushing the top and bottom pieces in opposite directions. One of the clasps should unhook itself due to the pressure being applied

click here to play step 1 video

Step 2 - Remove old batteries by sliding them out of their slots on the circuit board. It helps to use a flat head screwdriver to assist in getting the batteries out

click here to play step 2 video

Step 3 - Insert new batteries. Make sure they are right side up, as shown in the video. It's good to check to see if you inserted them properly by pressing the button to see if the LED's light up

click here to play step 3 video

Step 4 - Place the circuit board back into the LED box, making sure to line up the nooks of the circuit board with the hooks. Fit one end on and simply push downwards on the other end. With enough pressure being applied, the hook should slide right in (It is optional to re-tape the sides of the LED box for more security)

click here to play step 4 video