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Advanced Tricks

Like regular arm orbits but this time there is a loop of string around your arm so that it circles your arm faster on that loop of string. 

The right stick is released, and the diabolo leaves the string.  It is then caught with the string still in a suicide

Infinite Suicide
In which the diabolo appears to be suspended in midair while one handstick orbits it.  This can be done with a wrap around the diabolo, or without.  
(wrapped version-by TimEllis)

The diabolo is tilted vertical by Chinese accelerations ("whipping") and is continuously maintained in this state.
(Includes how to get in to vertax/excalibur and some tricks as well. By Tomer, Amit &Yonatan)

2 Diabolo Shuffle
Involves the continuous orbiting of 2 diabolos on one's string in a "shuffling" motion.
(by TimEllis)

Finger Grind
The diabolo is caught on a finger instead of on a handstick (stick grind)