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Fundemental Tricks

TossingTossing   直上青雲    Video Tutorial
The first trick is tossing, which is throwing the diabolo up and catching it. 

1) Toss the diabolo upwards by pulling your hands apart.  The motion for tossing is NOT up and down, but more horizontal
As the diabolo is coming downwards, aim the tip of your right handstick at the axle of the falling diabolo.  This will help you catch it on the string.


Trapeze/Stopover   Video Tutorial

This trick creates a "trapeze" that the diabolo rests on, before exiting the trick

1) Get the diabolo spinning and swing the diabolo to the right in a counterclockwise circle, keeping your sticks parallel with each other.
Your Counterclockwise swing should be enough for the diabolo to go to the right, up and over the right stick. As it is swinging move your right stick straight ahead a little so the string begins to wrap around it as the diabolo swings around the stick.
3) After the diabolo begins to drop down between your sticks it needs to land on the string now between your sticks. The hardest part of this trick is getting the diabolo to land on the string. If your swing is even and your right stick is straight out, the diabolo should land there naturally. If something's a bit crooked you may need to catch the diabolo on the string by slightly moving your handsticks.
4) To exit, pull the right stick out to the right forcing the diabolo to swing clockwise until it returns to the starting position.

Stick GrindStick Grind  金雞上架    Video Tutorial
The objective of this trick is to get the diabolo onto the stick and maintain it there while it is still spinning.

1) Turn 90 degrees to your left
2) Bring your left hand up and pop the diabolo onto the right handstick
3) The diabolo should land on the stick and spin in place
4) To keep the diabolo on the stick, tilt the right stick up so that it does not roll off
5) Exit by pointing the right handstick down so the diabolo slides back on the string.

Left Darkside  Video Tutorial
1) Toss the diabolo off to the left side
2) Recapture it by bringing the left string down over the axle.
3) Bring the left stick up after circling the diabolo (counter clockwise) so that the sticks are again in standard position. Now there is a string twist on the axle.
4) Exit by crossing your hands and getting the diabolo to open string.  Now simply pop it up and catch it as you would a regular toss.

X-TrickX-Trick/Spider's Web  Video Tutorial
You form an "X" with the string while bouncing the diabolo on the "X"

1) Do a left darkside, but this time, do not exit it
2) Now, form an "X" with the string.
     Forming the "X"
     a)   Drop the Left stick a little lower than the right and angle it so it points more right than straight ahead.
     b)  Now the right stick does the work. Move the end of the right stick around the end of the left stick so the right string hangs behind the left stick. The right stick is still above the left.
     c)   Pull the right stick back toward you so that the right string is draped over the left stick.
     d)  You should see a hole formed.  Now poke your right stick under the left stick and through the hole.
     e)  Pulling both sticks apart, you should see the cradle form. Your sticks can be held straight out or you can angle them to begin to point upward. The diabolo hopefully is still spinning on the bottom string.
3) Now toss the diabolo up from the bottom string. Be careful to keep the top of the cradle strings out away from the rising diabolo.
4) As the diabolo rises, hold the sticks straight upward and apart to display the cradle.
5) Catch the diabolo on the "X" and hold or bounce it for the audience to see.
6) To exit, catch the diabolo on the "X" and drop everything by pointing the sticks downward and in towards each other.

Magic KnotMagic Knot   金蟬脫殼  Video Tutorial
This trick creates a seemingly gigantic tangle with the strings, but when thrown out, the strings are not tangled around the diabolo.
1) Accelerate the diabolo to a fast speed
2) Turn left and move your body so that you are facing the diabolo. Face left while keeping the left stick in the normal position; it should still be parallel to the axle and the floor.
3) Position your right stick so it is in line and pointing at the left stick's tip. Note: That your right stick will be wrapping two items; the diabolo's axle and the horizontally-held left stick.
4) Using only the right stick, wrap the string over the left stick and under the diabolo's axle. Your right stick
moves (from the front) over the LEFT stick, down and (from the back) under the diabolo's AXLE, back to the front. Your right wrist may seem like a pivot point for this action.
Next, take the right stick to the FRONT of the LEFT stick, and wrap the string over the left handstick and then under the axle. Your right stick should be back to the beginning position before you started wrapping.
6) Now toss the diabolo towards your face and outwards.  (Do NOT really attempt to hit your face!)  The strings should become untangled

ElevatorElevator  螞蟻上樹    Video Tutorial
During this trick, the diabolo climbs up the string, mimicking the motion of an elevator going up.
1) Get the diabolo spinning as fast as you can
2) Lift your left arm up, making sure that it forms a straight line down to the ground
3) Take your right hand and loop it around the diabolo's axle once (using a counter-clockwise motion).  There should now be a loop of string around the axle of the diabolo.
4) Pull the string taunt in opposite directions, in this case, up and down.
5) The diabolo should climb the string.  When it reaches the top, loosen the tightness of the string, and the diabolo should fall back down
6) As it falls back down, take your right hand and move it underneath the diabolo in a circle, clockwise underneath the diabolo

Leg OrbitsLeg Orbits   Video Tutorial
Leg orbits are when the diabolo circles the leg in a clockwise direction.

1) Lift and place your right leg* over the string.  The diabolo should be on the left side of the string.
2) The left handstick guides the toss over the leg and back to the left side; the diabolo should hop over the leg in a small clockwise circle.  Note that the string will leave the bottom of your leg when the diabolo passes under the leg.
3) To exit, remove your leg just after the diabolo passes under it.

*It can be either the right leg or the left leg

Arm Orbits  Video Tutorial
Arm orbits are when the diabolo circles the right arm in a clockwise direction.

1) Face LEFT and point your right handstick to the right and behind you.  Correct stick position makes the string touch under the right arm, between the elbow and shoulder.  
2) The left handstick guides the toss over the arm and back to the right.

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